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Edition - May, 2012

John Romer at Medinet Habu. Bloomsbury Summer School.

Editorial – Journal Edition 4 / Magazine Edition 6

Once again we are publishing in both the Egyptological Journal and the Egyptological Magazine. As usual the Journal contains a small number of academic articles.  Etienne Vande Walle, a former President of the Brussel’s Court of Instance has contributed a number of previous articles combining his deep knowledge of legal systems with considerable personal research […] [more…]

Figure 2. Thutmes III imposing order over chaos, the enemies of Egypt, on the seventh pylon at Karnak

Ancient Egyptian Religion, Part 6 — Art for Eternity

Part 1 of this series set forth the foundation principles of Egyptian religion as cosmic order (maat), duality, and divine magic (heka), which we saw expressed in tomb architecture in Part 5. Now in Part 6 we will continue our exploration of the tomb, looking for evidence of those concepts as they are expressed in art.  [more…]

Figure 1. Arthur Mace

Arthur Cruttenden Mace – Taking His Rightful Place, Part 1

“You see my father was an Egyptologist, you won’t know of him, Arthur Mace, he’s long forgotten.” These words were softly spoken by Margaret Orr, the daughter of Arthur Mace to a group of school children in 1989. In this article, I will show that this is, sadly, an accurate statement regarding the general public’s lack of knowledge regarding Arthur Maces contributions to the field of Egyptology and more specifically to the science of artifact preservation. But why? [more…]

The new Ancient Egypt and Sudan galleries at the Ashmolean, Oxford

The new Ancient Egypt and Sudan galleries at the Ashmolean, Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum, a neoclassical edifice built by Sir Charles Cockerel in 1845, has invested both money and creativity in a refurbishment of the entire museum and art gallery. The effect, bright and open, a sympathetic blending of old architecture and new design, is inviting and attractive. The Ancient Egypt and Sudan galleries were the last to receive the modernization treatment. Costing over £5 million and designed by Richard Mather, they were re-opened in November 2011. [more…]

Km.t on Luxor Obelisk

Was Egypt the First Nation State?

By Kate Phizackerley and Michelle Low. Published on Egyptological, Magazine Articles, Edition 6, May 31st 2012 Editorial (Kate Phizackerley) Was Pharaonic Egypt a nation state?  This is not a new question but it is hard to answer for a variety of reasons, including: the context of the question is rooted in a modern concept (nation-state); […] [more…]