Write for Us

Write for Us

We want you to write for us!  So please read the guidelines provided in this section in their entirety.  They will help  you to produce articles, features and reviews which are appropriate for the three different sections of the site (Journal, Magazine and Colloquy), and will save us having to return pieces to you for resubmission.

Egyptological was established to provide readers world-wide with access to great quality content about Ancient Egypt completely free of charge.  Its success depends entirely on writers who are willing to contribute papers, articles, reviews and reports so we are always looking for new material to add value to Egyptological. Whether you have a lot of experience writing for journals and magazines or are just starting out we should be able to help you to find your niche.

Contributing to Egyptological  offers writers a number of benefits:

  • Exposure for your research, writing, ideas and informed opinion to a world-wide audience
  • A real opportunity to make original research available to a readership who would not normally have access to academic material
  • The opportunity to write in your chosen style for one of three sections, each with a different house style, from academic to informal.
  • An opportunity to communicate your professionally produced research and writing  to a wide readership, irrespective of your qualifications
  • An un-intimidating and helpful place to start publishing material on ancient Egypt if you are new to writing –  we are very happy to help new writers
  • The chance to be one of the first contributors to an open source Egyptology community

We have formed a set of guidelines for writers, all very straight forward, so after you have read this please check them out on the above tabs.  The information on these pages should help you to understand what sort of material we are looking for and to decide which section you wish to write for, how long your articles should be, the format that we need them in, and a lot more helpful information as well.  All our guidelines are designed to make life easy for writers, but do yell if you need assistance.  There are four documents which you need to read and comply with before submitting an article to us:

  • Content Requirement Guidelines (“Content”)
    • You will find what we are looking for in terms of topics and content which we are interested in providing on Egyptological.  We also let you know what we don’t want to use so that you don’t expend time submitting material that we cannot use.
  • Document Style Guide (“Style”)
    • The Style Guide explains both the formats we accept and the basic conventions of style to which all submissions should adhere to in order to ensure consistency.
  • Plagiarism Guidelines (“Copyright”)
    • This provides you with important information about our rules about the standards we expect from our writers in terms of use of our stance on plagiarism.  As part of the submission process you will be required to confirm that you have complied with our guidelines on plagiarism and that you accept your terms and conditions for use of the material that you submit.
  • Document Submission Guidelines (“Submit”)
    • Information about how to submit your completed document, and how the submission process works from submission to publication or rejection. As part of the submission process you will be required to confirm that you have complied with our guidelines on plagiarism and copyright and that you accept your terms and conditions for use of the material that you submit.

If you want to use hieroglyphs in your text please look at our Hieroglyphs page.  A special hieroglyphic font has been developed by Kate Phizackerley for Egyptological.  Full details can be found at

If you are new to writing you are very welcome to submit items to Egyptological and if you need some help to get you started and assist you along the way do get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.

Don’t worry if English is not your first language.  We are happy to help you to ensure that the English in your paper will be suitable for publication.

Because the publication is free and we bear the operating costs ourselves, we are hoping that the innovative nature, wide-ranging scope and world-wide reach of Egyptological  will encourage you to contribute, even though we don’t offer payment for any pieces submitted.  You will be involved in making Egyptological a first class and very special resource.

A version control table is provided on the last tab (“version”) which will tell you which documents have been changed recently.  Please check that page before writing each new piece for submission to ensure that there have been no changes to the guidelines since the last time you wrote for Egyptological.  Check that nothing has changed since you last wrote for us.



Last modified: September 8th, 2010