Welcome to Colloquy

Colloquy is the most informal section of Egyptological.

The first part, In Brief, consists of a medley of brief articles, short updates, and quick reviews and reports on exhibitions, books and DVDs. This section is updated on an ad hoc basis so keep an eye on it for updates.

As well as written pieces we also have Photo Albums, where readers contribute their favourite photographs, the Events and Courses Calendars where groups and institutions can update their own information to keep readers up to date with their latest events, activities and course offerings.

As with all our sections, you can comment on any content published in Colloquy.

If you would like to write for Colloquy or submit photos to the gallery please see our Participate pages.  If you would like to add your events or courses to our Calendar please contact us by completing our Contact Form.


Last modified: March 19th, 2010