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Egyptological needs you!

There are all sorts of opportunities for anyone who would like to volunteer to help out with Egyptological. We are committed to making Egyptological a community, and the more people who contribute the better it will be.

Our most pressing requirement is for other general editors, who will form an editorial committee and will contribute to the assessment and processing of all Journal and Magazine articles.  You will need to be familiar with Egyptology and have had prior experience as a general editor on a journal or magazine.   When we have sufficient editors experienced in our processes we will be interested in nominating section editors to take responsibility for each of the main areas of the publication.

We are also looking for copy-checking assistants who will help us to check all material prior to its publication on the site.  This will involve checking spelling and grammar and picking up on typographical errors.  At the present we are most interested in welcoming people with prior copy-checking or similar experience (for example secretarial), but further along the line we will be very happy to take on those wishing to learn new skills.

We would be interested in hearing from you if you speak another language fluently and would be interested in volunteering as a translator.  We would very much like to accept articles in languages other than English but we would also want to publish them in English so we are looking for volunteers who could help us to offer this facility by translating articles into English for us.

Another way in which volunteers could assist is in helping to act as moderators, reviewing the content on a number of areas of the site.  The role here would be to ensure that all content published on the site is both relevant and appropriate.  We would particularly welcome an album editor to help manage the Album and an events editor to help manage the Events and Courses Calendars.

If you think you could contribute in a way that we haven’t thought of, please let us know.  All ideas are welcome.

Get in touch if you are interested in helping out .


Last modified: March 22nd, 2010

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